Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hello and Welcome

As this is my first ever blog i figured i would start off by saying a little about myself. My name is Liz, I'm 29years old, married to a beautiful man and have 3 adorable kids who are my life. I think I'm pretty easy going, a bit of a joker and a complete idiot at times. We live in a small little country town in Queensland, Australia and have a small 135acre property where we run beef cattle. I LOVE horses, they are my passion. I have 2 mares (Meg and Koda) and a colt foal (Chaska) who is my horse soul mate. I love my life, i love my family and i love my little farm. Unlike hubby I didn't grow up on a property, so when we first moved out here i was a little skeptical about it but on the very first night i knew that this is where we belonged and i haven't looked back since. There is nothing in my life that i would ever want to or wish to change, its perfect just the way it is. I have a family who loves and adores me and i have great friends, what more do i need? I love to have a drink, whether it be on a Friday night with just hubby and I or a big night out with the girls (by big i mean, pick a friends house, have dinner and drinks, let the kids play and just let our hair hang down). I love that people have different opinions and i will never hold it against anyone if their opinion differs to mine but i will stand up for what i believe in. I think that's about it really, nothing too special. I'm just your average, everyday farmers wife. I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy life as much as i will enjoy sharing it with you.


  1. Hi Lizzy - looking forward to each and every one of your updates. Love you lots babe - mwah