Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nipple Dilemma

Late yesterday afternoon I decided that I would have a early shower. The kids were playing nicely, dinner was all organised, everything was done. I decided it was some ME time.

As i was getting undressed i noticed the disgusting amount of hair that was taking over my legs so I thought it would be best to shave them. I found out my razor only to discover that my darling husband had used it last and all of his facial hair was stuck in-between the blades. I then spent the next 5 to 10 minutes looking for a nice, clean, fresh, SHARP razor blade. I finally found one so proceeded to get in the shower.

I soaped myself up and picked up the razor, this is when my life changed forever. The razor slipped out of my hand. Using my very quick and fast ninja skills i grabbed for it, catching it mid air and clutched it to my chest. Then the pain hit me. I looked down and to my horror i was covered in blood. I washed myself off and tried to see the damage but couldn't see much through the blood. All i knew was that the piercing pain had spread through out my whole breast. 

I decided i would proceed with shaving my legs and done it as quickly as possible. I got out of the shower and dried myself. As i looked down again the blood still hadn't stopped, i cleaned up and had another look. To my horror i discovered that when i had caught the razor i had also sliced my nipple clean open. The pain was something i have never experienced in my life and the bleeding just wouldn't stop. By this stage I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to have to go to the hospital and get nipple stitches.

I pulled the cupboards apart trying to find a band aid but of coarse the kids had used all of them whenever they had a tiny drop of blood on their knee's or toes, good work kids!! All i could find was cotton wool so i put my bra back on and packed it with as much cotton wool as i could hoping the pressure would stop the bleeding. 

I then went to my friends on facebook and told them my story, great help they were. All they could do was laugh. Here i am bleeding to death out of my nipple and they are laughing at me, thanks girls!! By this time I'm thinking about how i can explain my situation to the doctors and nurses in the ED without them thinking i was shaving my chest. I decided this wasn't an option.

I started to dish up dinner for the kids and tried to put it out of my mind but with every movement i made the pain would soar through me so i poured myself a rum to "calm myself".

About an hour later it was obvious i wasn't going to die from this so i went into the bathroom for another look. Thankfully the bleeding had stopped. I wiped away all of the dried blood and discovered just how long and deep the cut actually was. Nipples aren't that big but the cut is easily half the length of my nipple and is quite deep looking. Now I'm wondering if I'm going to need nipple reconstruction to fix it or if it will just heal itself.

Today, it feels a lot better, although still very sore and tender when it gets touched or something brushes up against it. I think it should be ok, no nipple reconstruction for me. I'm positive it will heal ok by itself. Just a warning to all my lovely lady friends. If you ever drop a razor DON'T try to catch it, just let it fall to the ground because you never know what that razor could slice off :)

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